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10 Things to Know Before You Buy Your First Kayak

Ah yes, the excitement of buying your first kayak suddenly comes to a screeching halt when you realize how complicated it may seem after you Googled “buying my first kayak”. Not to fear, I’ve narrowed some things down to the basics of what you really need to know to get you started. Let’s get rig...
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Top 5 Fishing Kayaks Under $1,000

Looking for a fishing kayak under $1,000? Here are our top five recommendations that don't compromise quality, features and function!
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Kayak Rudders 101

A no frills Q&A formatted overview highlighting what a rudder is, what it is for, how it is used and how it works.  WHAT IS A RUDDER AND WHAT IS IT USED FOR? A rudder is an optional kayak accessory designed to help you control the direction of your kayak. Without a rudder, you typically need...
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