Waterways Fishing Series: Llano River

Nestled just outside of Austin, Texas, is the Llano River. The Llano River is a one-hundred-mile-long tributary that eventually flows into the Colorado River. This river is home to many species of fish, but on this day we our focus was on Guadalupe Bass & Bluegill as those are the two most prevalent species in the river system.

We started our fishing trip by visiting Living Waters Fly Shop in Round Rock, Texas. The Fly Shop gave us plenty of information, from where to fish, what to throw, and how to target the local species. So we loaded up on flies, hopped in the truck, and we were off on our next fishing adventure.

To escape the crowds, we opted for a private fishing destination where you only need to pay a few dollars to enter and fish the river. We parked the car and started assembling our fishing gear. For gear, we used what we had, which was a nine-foot five weight, eight-pound fluorocarbon leader and clouser minnows which worked well for targeting Guadalupe Bass and Bluegill.

The wind would begin to pick up, making the morning fishing very difficult. However, we trudged on and eventually found our way with a Guadalupe Bass. As the time passed and the day warmed up, we began to locate some Bluegill. With just a few casts, we were on with our first Bluegill and there was not stopping. While small, both fish are very opportunistic, and with light tackle, they can be a blast to target.

There are excellent fisheries everywhere; you just half to locate them and sometimes that is half of the adventure. When we first made the decision to go try a new spot in another state, we had a difficult time figuring out where to go. Thanks again to the folks at Living Waters Fly Shop for the tip, this place was beautiful and fun to fish!

Our goal with this article is to not only inspire you to visit the Llano River, but to visit your local fisheries in your area and enjoy the adventure.


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Written by Jake Smith, Feelfree US Marketing

Photography by Jake Smith


Jake's Fly Fishing Adventure Build

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-Fishpond Tacky Pescador XL Fly Box 

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