Waterways Rigging Series: The Lure 11.5, My Daily Driver

When it came time to build a new kayak, I was lost on the groups and forums trying to find one that could keep up with my endless adventures. I was looking for a kayak where I could fish on lakes and river systems and occasionally take a trip to the ocean. It had to be light enough to manage on land alone and long enough to handle some chop for those windy days on the water.

The Feelfree Lure 11.5 struck my interest with its lower weight compared to similarly featured models, motorized capability and sleek color options. The Lure 11.5 can be purchased with a pedal drive, called the Overdrive. This system is unique because it can be paired with the Motordrive, Feelfree's very own integrated motor unit that simply plugs into the drive instantly converting it to a motorized kayak. I love this feature because you can build your kayak based on your budget meaning you can slowly upgrade it over time. It also allows you to have a platform to pedal or motor based on your daily fishing needs.

Once I got my Lure 11.5, I outfitted it over the weekend and off I was on my first adventure to Kentucky Lake. I learned a few things from my first adventure, scupper plugs are vital for staying dry, an anchor system is a must and motorizing my kayak will help me on those long days on the water.

I returned from my trip and started preparing my kayak for the next adventure. I was looking for an anchor system that streamlined things efficiently and did not affect clearance underneath trees and bridges. I opted for the Anchor Wizard as it was the best option for my needs. In addition to the anchor wizard, I added the tornado kayak anchor and the system works flawlessly.

For a pedal kayak, my work was done here. However, some lakes I fish regularly are vast and nearly impossible to pedal. So, I decided to upgrade my Overdrive with Motordrive. Unfortunately, this also meant I needed a battery to power my motor. So, after some math and research, I opted for the ZPRO lithium 50AH for its portability and long-lasting battery life. Generally speaking, I can get about a day of fishing time out of this battery on one charge.

Storage began to be my next focus with fishing various fisheries. I need the ability to carry up to six rods, three to four Plano boxes, a dry bag of clothes, and some fishing tools. I also need everything to be waterproof so my tackle would remain dry even on the wettest days. I opted for the Yak Attack Black Pack Pro in the 13x16 configuration. This crate allows you to configure it in various ways based on your needs. In addition, it offers plenty of space for me to use the Plano Edge 3700 boxes to store my tackle inside. These are some of the best boxes in the industry for various reasons. They keep your tackle dry, dry-erase labeler on the side, and look nice!

While my kayak may be done for now, it is constantly evolving to meet my needs on the water. The following steps in my kayak’s evolution include a fish finder and rail storage for swapping out lures. So stay tuned for what is on the horizon.


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Written by Jake Smith, Feelfree US Marketing

Photography by Jake Smith


Jake's Lure 11.5 Adventure Build