Fitness and Fun Top 5 - New Year, New You

For years, you’ve been saying that you want to spend more time outdoors, maybe with your family or even to get away from them for a little bit. Sam here from Waterways Englewood with another top 5 list of kayaks catered to helping you achieve your goals this new year.

No 1. The Flash: Fitness and fun all consummated with a state of the art pedal system.

If you’re looking for leg day on the water then check out Feelfree’s latest and greatest: the Flash. Based off one of their best selling recreational vessels, the Juntos, the Flash marries this quality, tried and true design with the Rapid Pedal Drive system. Along with that pedal system, you get another huge upgrade: the hanging style seat know as the EZ Rider Seat. And as always, the patented wheel-in-the-keel on this guy allows solo kayakers to check off their newest resolution with ease. Another great thing about the Flash is the fact that you can maintain your spot in the water by pedaling backwards, affording you those micro-adjustments to get the perfect photo for your social media! Style on your friends and tone your legs with this pedal kayak.

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No. 2 Aventura Series: Day touring at its finest.

There’s a special place in my heart for the Aventura series because of how darn fun they are to paddle around. Doubling down on features, these guys come stock with a drop-down skeg and thigh braces. With the added tracking capability of the skeg and the absurd efficiency brought to you by the bracing system, this is a day tourer’s dream. Lightweight and fast, the Aventura series is catered to those of us who want to go the distance in a speedy and efficient manner without breaking the bank - plus, like the Flash doubles down as a great workout kayak too!

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No. 3 Roamer II/Gemini: Fun with the family

Maybe your resolution is to spend more time outdoors with your friends and family. Tandem kayaking is a great way to get multiple people out there, enjoying themselves in a cost-effective way. Both the Roamer II and the Gemini afford paddlers a quality kayaking experience with an additional seat for your kiddo, spouse or buddy. Personally, these guys are so easy to maneuver around due to their sporty hull design that I put my dog in the front seat and chariot her around. The Roamer II would be great for families as the deck line along the side of the kayak allows for easy carrying as well as re-entry after a quick dip to cool off. The Gemini comes in with that wheel in the keel which is perfect for me and my dog (she has a rough time helping me carry the Roamer II around). 

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No 4. Nomad/Roamer I: Ultra lightweight sporty fun!

Coming in just over 9’, the Roamer I and Nomad utilize the same, sporty hull design you’ll appreciate on the Gemini and Roamer II. Both models are light enough to roof by yourself and small enough to fit inside most minivans or truck beds with ease if roofing isn’t an option. These guys are great if you have space or weight restrictions. It takes just one paddle stroke to get these guys up to speed. They’re wicked nimble– perfect for styling around and doing donuts in the water around your friends. Consider trying one out through our rental program if you’re interested in getting a feel for it before you make a purchase.

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No 5. Moken 12.5: Sporty fishing sidegrade

The Moken 12.5 from Feelfree gets a lot of attention, and rightfully so – the slimmer profile and comfortable seat let you cruise in comfort. If your resolution is to spend more time on your core and the water but you can’t seem to put your rod aside, I’d seriously consider this beautiful all-rounder of a kayak. It paddles like a dream and sports just enough beam to afford you enough confidence to stand up and stretch your legs or make that perfect cast.

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Happy new year!

Sam Hager
Waterways Englewood
Store Manager