Mother's and Father's Day Kayak Gift Guide

It's that time of the year again, where we celebrate the ones who love us most, our parents. Most Mothers and Fathers will claim they don't need anything but imagine the look on their eyes when you show up with a brand new kayak, for fun, for health and for the love of the great outdoors. If this is the year you want to surprise them, you've come to the right place. The big question is, which kayak? 

Well, we came across Feelfree's blog which highlights the top 3 kayaks for both Mom and Dad, poached their suggestions and added a few more we recommend.

Top 3 Kayaks For Mom

Moken 10 Lite V2 - For the smaller female who wants all the features of a larger kayak but in a package that is easier to handle both on and off the water. Light, nimble and easy to transport, this kayak is great for both recreational and light fishing use. (Click to view)

Flash PDL - For the Mom that wants to get around quicker, whether she’s doing it for fun or perhaps wants to do a little fishing too. The Flash PDL features a pedal system that is easy to use combined with a kayak that is quick, fun and comfortable. (Click to view)

Aventura 110 - For the Mom who wants to explore and get fit, the Aventura is a light touring kayak designed for optimal performance. This sleek sit-inside kayak will not only offer her the speed she needs but is super stable despite being a touring kayak. Also available in other sizes. (Click to view)

Top 3 Kayaks for Dad

Moken 10 Standard - For the Dad who’s got a short bed truck or needs to car top and limited storage space, the Moken 10 and its short stature make it easy to transport and store. However, Dad won’t be missing out on features because this kayak has it all, including the EZ Rider seat and all the stability he needs to feel comfortable all day long whether he’s fishing or just paddling around. Also available with Pedal Drive. (Click to view)

Moken 12.5 V2 - For the Dad who may want to fish but is more interested in adventures, exploring and just having fun. The Moken 12.5 V2 is a versatile platform for the Dads who want to do it all. It not only features plenty of cargo space and capacity but is extremely stable and comfortable without sacrificing performance. (Click to view)

Dorado V2 - For the Dad who wants it all when it comes to fishing, the Dorado is designed for the serious kayak angler. This bad boy comes with everything he will need for long days of fishing from sun up to sun down and all night long. The kayak features the Gravity Seat, our most comfortable and versatile seat, removable battery box for his electronics and a variety of features and accessories designed for next level fishing. (Click to view)

The Kayak For Both

Looking for something both of your parents can share? Take a look at the Lure II Tandem Kayak. But this isn’t last summer’s rental kayak they flipped before they could even get launched. This tandem kayak is incredibly stable with a whopping capacity of 500 lbs combined with not one, but two Gravity Seats. The combination of the two will keep them paddling all day long. (Click to view)

Other recommendations:

Seastream Kayaks Angler 120 PD - for those who want to buy a full sized pedal kayak for their Dad but are on a budget

3 Waters Kayaks Big Fish 103 Pedal Kayak - for the huskier Dad who wants more stability and confidence in his pedal kayak

Feelfree Kayaks Gemini - a tandem kayak for the Mom or Dad who wants to share the fun with their loved ones

We hope this list helps you out, however if you have questions about any of these kayaks or need more information to help you make decision, feel free to contact us anytime! We also have 3 physical retail locations in Florida, Texas and North Carolina.

Have fun out there and remember, no matter the water, we'll help you find the way!