Waterways Recap: Old Fort, North Carolina Grand Opening

Picture this: a sunny Saturday morning in Old Fort, North Carolina, with the Blue Ridge Mountains standing tall in the backdrop, and the Catawba River whispering tales of adventure. It's the grand opening of Waterways Kayak Shop, and boy, did they kick it off with a bang!

From Saturday morning, the town was buzzing with excitement, Folks from all ages visited the shop, drawn by the allure of new kayaks, freshly painted walls, and excitement of something new in town. You could practically smell the excitement through everyones tone as they entered the shop. 

Jonathan Wicks, Jim Hager & Joe Mongo, the brains behind the operation, were excited to work with a new town and bring kayaks to a new audience of people.  From the beginning, these two have been the real deal—outdoor enthusiasts through and through, with a passion for kayaking, fishing, and paddling.

Rewind to Friday (a day earlier): As the clock struck three in the afternoon, it was time for the main event: the ribbon cutting. The officials from the town of Old Fort did the honors, and with one swift snip, Waterways Kayak Shop was officially open for business. Cue the cheers and high fives all around!

Inside the shop, Kayaks of every shape and size lined the walls, begging to be taken to your local fishing hole. And don't even get me started on the gear—we have offerings from NRS, Yat-Attack, Pisgah Map Company, Hudson Baits and more. 

Outside the shop, We had fresh pizza from Home Slice being served and Mary Metal (Asheville local band)  being played on the balcony. This was well received by the community and the event was ultimately a success. 



So here's to many more wild rides, endless adventures, and good times ahead. Old Fort, you sure know how to throw a party! For more information about visiting our store, please follow the link https://waterwaysusa.com/pages/waterways-north-carolina