You’re My Van Blue!

As adults, the existence of Santa may be questioned, but one thing remains certain—the enduring spirit of what it all represents never fails to captivate us. Here at Waterways, we openly admit to maintaining our belief, and our dedicated team is diligently working to recreate a similar enchanting experience.

And with that, say hello to Big Blue, otherwise known as the Waterways kayak delivery van. Don’t be surprised to see our big beautiful blue kayak carrying machine make its way to your front driveway.

As part of our ongoing dedication to providing exceptional person-to-person customer service and streamlining access to our products, we are thrilled to present the Waterways Paddlesports Concierge service. Shipping kayaks through traditional channels can be a challenge. Often kayaks arrive damaged and customers feel rushed to inspect their delivery. Additionally, the cost of shipping kayaks has skyrocketed over the years. With our very own delivery service, you’ll find comfort in knowing your investment is in good hands. Moreover, if you have any inquiries about your kayak or kayaking in general, we're here to assist — live and in person!"

We’re no stranger to hand delivering kayaks though, we’ve been doing this for years and already established routes near our flagship store in Asheville, North Carolina and more recently Englewood, Florida. Texas is our next stop in the heart of the state in Austin and eventually California and Kentucky.

So, if you order a kayak anytime soon, don’t be surprised to see Big Blue pull up to your driveway. However, we must offer a fair warning, your neighbors will be slightly jealous, and even if you're modest, we're confident you'll feel the same joy as a child unwrapping a gift from Santa.